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Furniture Business-Designing the future Combination of the Customer’s and Design Solution.

Furniture Business-Designing the future Combination of the Customer’s and Design Solution.
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Made in Germany    The quality of the products made by German craftsmanship has been proven over the history.SK D&D provides a special housing space to the customers by collaborating the best masterpieces in every field from general furniture to kitchen furniture.
  • Funiture brand
  • Funiture brand
  • Funiture brand
  • Funiture brand
LEICHT, an international furnishing company available not only in Germany but in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney, was established by Alois & Joset Leicht brothers in 1928. Designs constantly developed with world famous architects made kitchen not mere furniture but the center of a house; and such beautiful but practical designs of LEICHT resulted in many awards given by famous international design competitions.

■ Beauty in Style

The design concept of LEICHT does not follow momentary trend. The concept embracing eternity and spirits based on ergonomics, functionality and sustainability.
Thus, LEICHT style produces beauty without a conflict between modern design and traditional values.
Interlubke, known for world’s most luxurious furniture for many years was established by Leo & Hans Lubke in 1938.
Interlubke succeeding Bauhaus, the parent of modern design, continues with its world class reputation for the very few who understands the value of uncompromisable quality and design.

■ High Quality

Interlubke is not only special in overall aspect of furniture but also in subtle details. These outstanding parts gather to form one masterpiece exclusive quality.

■ Uniqueness

Interlubke has more than 180,000 different elements in its system combining detailed manufacture system and distinct design which allows every customer to express their own individuality.

■ Creativity

Interlubke has satisfied its customers with astonishing functions and creative ideas in their furniture; Interlubke never stopped even under perfection but constantly tries for more.
COR was established in 1954 by Prince Bentheim Tecklenburg and Leo Lubke with various collections today; and COR is assessed to be the most luxurious movable furniture brand in Germany.
Furniture of COR made with best materials and components satisfies its customers through years which is the joy provided by COR.

■ Design Award

COR has been awarded in prestigious design exhibitions including the Red Dot Design Award, proving its quality in design.

Nobilla was established in 1945 by Johann & Willy Stickling and is carefully managed with world’s biggest automatic system and world class experts of manufacturing, loading and shipping.
Nobilia ranks number 1 market share in European kitchen furniture with constant growth in sales profits in the past 20 years. It is also the leading company in eco-friendly production policy.

■ NO.1 Market Share in Europe

For the past 60 years, Nobilia conducted large scale projects with 5000 business partners from 66 countries around the world. Nobilia has wide range of designs from modern to classic. In 2009, it was awarded with the most innovative kitchen furniture brand in Germany.

■ Quality Kitchens _ QC Test

Success of a business comes with the best quality. Nobilia has made constant development and investment to make products with perfect quality through QC Test on climate, function, moisture, surface and color.
valuable life     Designs considering next generation to enhance not only function and beauty but the quality of life are another aspect of responsible production.
SK D&D considering nature, health and future for the next generation, uses eco-friendly materials with zero-tolerance on toxic substance, reduction on construction terms and reduction of CO2 emission rates and industrial wastes through recycling.SK D&D joins global businesses leading eco-friendly policies through constant production development and increase in investment for more eco-friendly certifications.     pefc /04-4-0003     PEFC(Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is a forest certificate system requiring companies to use eco-friendly lumbers instead of illegal or genetically modified
lumbers.Consideration on woods is the primary eco-friendly policy.     Blue Angel (German Eco-Friendly Certification Mark)     Blue Angel is an   Eco Label   awarded by German government to eco-friendly companies of products and services; this certification policy works as a standard to evaluate the most eco-friendly products with the best quality.
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